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CivicTechTO Talk – October 27, 2020

Recently, Geoff was invited to speak about project Maplesync to CivicTechToronto about maplesync. The prepared talk turned out to be a great introduction to the project, the best so far. I encourage you to watch the video below, or read below for the content turned into a blog post! Introduction Good evening everyone, and thank…

Exploring Prices as an Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Heuristics towards Accurate and Precise Prices

A synthesis of work done over my undergrad, and a generator of future thought: project maplesync ABSTRACT: Exploring price systems as emergently designed information technology: a heuristic approach for externalities with climate change applicationsWhat are the mechanisms that form prices? How well do these prices track perceived value? What interventions might we initiate to help…

Application to Creative Destruction Lab – Recovery

These are excerpts to our application to Creative Destruction Lab – Recovery (CDL – Recovery), an accelerator program. We are proposing to start “maplesyncalpha” a first iteration of making the maplesync kernel a reality. What problem is your technology solving?How might we share strategic information to improve economic, social and environmental prosperity? Maplesync is an…

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