Application to Creative Destruction Lab – Recovery

These are excerpts to our application to Creative Destruction Lab – Recovery (CDL – Recovery), an accelerator program.

We are proposing to start “maplesyncalpha” a first iteration of making the maplesync kernel a reality.

What problem is your technology solving?
How might we share strategic information to improve economic, social and environmental prosperity? Maplesync is an attempt to address the question of the optimal use of economic knowledge in society. It is about how economic decision making could be improved by
increasing data richness of strategic plans through crowdsourcing and openness. We believe that by providing better baseline information to entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporations and governments we can build capacity for greater prosperity in terms of economic, social and environmental wealth.

Explain how your technology/product solves the
problem you have indicated.

Maplesync is an attempt at co-creating various parallel
decision making and planning structures that, instead of
simply exhibiting the directionality of preferences (ie from
participation in price systems and markets), will have
richness to the degree and metadata of preferences. This will
be achieved through open-source, collaborative mass
indicative strategic planning processes. The goal is to find
optimal balances between the dichotomies of free markets,
central planning and peer2peer (p2p) in the face of
environmental, social and economic stresses.

Describe how your product or service works. This is best
done from the perspective of a potential or actual
customer. Explain the value proposition for this

The minimum viable product is the development of an
open-source, “fractally scaleable”, digital collaborative
strategic planning process. This platform will allow economic
participants to contribute ideas for, and vote on ideas to be
refined and included in the strategic plans for their
jurisdictions – local, regional, provincial or national – perhaps
even global. This will give an unprecedented level of access
to information and participation in large-scale economic
decision making, allowing people to have a voice in their economic futures.


Describe your core technology in non-technical terms?
Maplesync is the core of an open-source Operating System
(OS) upgrade for capitalism. It will be a collection of already
existing tools, and a framework for the development of new
tools, networked to allow real time democratic collaboration
in the production of strategic plans for an economy of any
scale. The precise technology is under development, but it is
a fusion of Linux, Reddit, and Wikipedia for economics.
There are numerous other modules proposed that could be
open-source developed.

What areas of science does your technology draw from?
This technology draws from pluralist economics – the
economic calculation problem, information theory, complexity
science, collective intelligence design, cybernetics, and
open-source computer science among other areas.

What is novel about your technology?
This technology explores and will catalyze development for a
suite of assistive decision making tools that have not been
attempted at this scale since Project Cybersyn in 1970’s
Chile. It is a grand integration of a previous dichotomy of
economics which faces off free markets and central planning
as knowledge tools, and instead integrates them alongside
p2p. Mass collaboration of what we have specified has never
been conceptualized, let alone implemented, of this type as
far as we can tell.

What is the hardest part of building your technology?
As an open-source project for massive change, the problem
is not the design or creation of the tool itself. The challenge is
developing a large community, on the scale of thousands, to
inspire and motivate towards building modules and instances
of what a maplesync could be in local contexts other than
Canada. The basis of the idea is there, it is very important to
catalyze a critical mass of people to want to contribute to it in
terms of time or finances.

What are the 3 most relevant areas of expertise on your
team that pertain to this project?

Practically applying Systems thinking and Strategic Foresight
as well as Iterative User Experience Design


How do you think the Creative Destruction Lab can help
your venture succeed?

We need a strong business perspective in order to make this
project more feasible, viable and desirable. We have yet to
develop a firm business plan for this maplesyncalpha – a first
iteration of maplesync and catalyst for a movement. While we
have ideas, we believe that the mentors in CDL will provide
huge insight in how to make this idea for massive change a
tangible reality. We also feel that, frankly, if accepted – CDL
will lend credibility to such a massive idea and will improve its

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

We acknowledge that this may seem far out of reach for CDL.
However, we strongly believe that maplesync implementations,
seeded by the creation of this venture (maplesyncalpha) will
lead to a prosperous, sustainable, and equitable recovery from
the Covid-19 crisis… and beyond. We hope, while it may seem
out of reach, that we can receive feedback from CDL on this
idea on how to improve it.

By gceh


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